Video Training Content to help Onboard Foglight End Users

Foglight Administrators often find that the responsibility of onboarding Foglight end users falls on them. It’s not always the case; sometimes we see that a business liaison will work with teams that need Foglight and they will help setup the use cases and take them to the Foglight Administrator to fulfill. If you are a Foglight Administrator, Business Liaison, or even an end user this content should prove to be of some use.

It is a collection of Foglight Training Video content that I will update on occasion. You can use the first tab to take advantage of some of the indexing that I did.  You can zoom in on a domain, a content owner, age of content, or even your role. The collection of videos is from Quest engineers, Foglight customers, and our R&D team. If you have video that you would like included please let me know with a reply to this post or by dropping me an email at

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Foglight Video Training Content.xlsx