Virtual Aware-Going Deep into the Virtual Layer

As virtualization has dominated the idea of the “Dynamic Datacenter”, so has organization’s quest to go further and deeper into the critical application infrastructure. The journey has met its share of obstacles along the way, and chief among them is the ability to confidently virtualize further into the application layer.

Many management solutions tout their ability to monitor into the virtualization layer, but for critical infrastructure, such and Microsoft Active Directory and tier one applications, like Exchange, deep visibility and in-context drill-down (into the P&V layer respectively) is relatively non-existent. Management tools must take this beyond simply “virtual aware” and provide more detailed performance information in-context to their corresponding and supporting infrastructure. When speaking to this point, I envision management through a clean interface which clearly identifies what components run on which underlying infrastructure (virtual aware), then provide key performance information and alerts to easily guide the user to issues that may be plaguing performance (virtual exploit).

Clean view of Exchange state and health-virtual Exchange indicated by bottom left icon

To top it off, user must be able to drill-down into performance issues and easily provide the information relative to the layer which it supports, providing clear, comprehensive and logical performance management into the virtualization layer. This capability brings organizations closer to fully realizing their virtualization goals by ensuring optimal performance and building confidence into virtualization of the critical application infrastructure.

Remember, it isn’t all “just infrastructure” (whether physical or virtual), the different layers must be managed in-context to provide the necessary support for optimal performance into the virtualized environment.

Keep life simple!