Vizioncore = Quest Software Server Virtualization Management

Vizioncore is now officially "Quest Software Server Virtualizaiton Management", or Quest Virtual Management software for short. You'll note, as well, that our Twitter changed from Vizioncore to QuestVirt over the weekend.

Just in time for some terrific coverage about our new products and strategies, in the Wall Street Journal. Titled "Quest Software to Announce VIrtualization Products, Strategy" by Jeanette Borzo.

In the article, Jeanette previews today's launch of vFoglight Storage, software that helps companies manage both virtual and physical storage. She also previews our licensing agreement with Linqueward Labs, for helping companies assess virtualization technologies for improving their efficiency and cloud computing strategies. Our pending alliance with Virtual Computer Inc focused on desktop virtualization, is also previewed.

However, the focus of the article is our renewed focus on virtualization and cloud computing. The WSJ reports that the tewo technology trends "are among the hottest" in software, with cloud-related services expected to grow to $68.3B this year with growth to $148.8B by 2014, according to Gartner.

Read the entire article - and watch this space for upcoming new news continuing to come out this week.

Those of you attending VMworld in San Francisco this week, can check out our new product introductions for yourselves: come see us in Quest booths #1113 and #1213. Twitter your thoughts using the #QuestVirt tag.