Vote for your VMworld sessions from the Quest Data Protection team

The data protection team at Quest has put together several sessions for VMworld 2012 based on what we hear is important from our customers, but we need you to vote on the sessions you want to attend to make them a reality.

Public voting is open to everyone through this link:


You will need to login to your account or create an account if you don’t have one. Remember – you can vote for as many sessions as you like, but you must vote before June 8th.

Here are the list of sessions and their abstracts:


1483 Data Recovery Best Practices in Virtual Environments

Does this sound familiar: You’ve backed up your virtual infrastructure, but restoring data takes too long. In this session we review best practices for protecting and – more importantly – recovering your virtual infrastructure, including applications and data. We review several ways to leverage fast, efficient, and cost effective snapshot methods to backup, replicate, and recover your VMs. We will touch upon ease of protecting virtual machines, applications, and data contained, along with various network-based snapshot methods.


1484 Protecting Your Data: Cloud. Virtual. Physical.

Whether in your own Data Center or in the cloud, data is everywhere. Businesses are required to protect this data to comply with regulations. In this session, we discuss the strategies used to protect the data in the aforementioned scenarios. We also discuss ways of mitigating disasters when DC is spread out across geos/clouds etc. We discuss various options in selecting service provides and what they provide, available solutions, strategies for cost effective and efficient protection.


1486 Backup and Recovery Best Practices For Your Mission Critical Applications in VMware Virtual Environment

Companies have been virtualizing important x86 applications like Exchange, SQL and Sharepoint for quite some time. But most of them still use VM-based agents to stream the data to the backup repositories. In this session, we will discuss the best practices for protecting virtualized data – using VMFS snapshots, storage snapshots or CDP solutions.


1488 Using Storage Snapshots to Augment Your Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup is an essential task for any organization. Storage arrays based snapshots can fill an important niche in backup. We will discuss various ways of protecting data using storage snapshots, use cases (online snapshots vs secondary copies) integration with virtualization platforms and use cases that it enables, integration with backup providers for orchestrating, pros and cons of using storage snapshots for backup.


1489 Policy-based Protection For Your Virtual Infrastructure

It’s all about data protection and orchestration. Protecting all the important data in the organization is becoming increasingly complex. Mistakes are costly. They can shutdown a business for lack of compliance or loss of data. This session focuses on ability and desire of administrators of creating and managing policies of protecting their infrastructure and backing up data at the source: No more creating jobs – rather create a policy and all new data/VMs are automatically protected. Plus this works with the cloud/orchestration paradigm of vCD.


1490 Storage in the Clouds: Leveraging Cloud-based Storage For Your Data Center

This session covers the benefits of leveraging Cloud based storage for IT operations. Cloud-based storage can be used as just another tier of storage or for archiving data. Each service, whether its Amazon S3 or EMC Atmos has its pros and cons. We will cover a few examples of how cloud storage can be leveraged, various methods of sending data to the cloud and maturity models for using cloud.


1492 Containing the Explosion of Backup Data Growth

Data growth is one of the biggest IT management issues businesses face today. Moreover, backup applications often direct the operation of media that typically store five to ten times more data than can be found on the primary storage in the same data center. To deal with the explosive data growth and the associated out of control costs when protecting virtual environments, you need to be aware of the data reduction techniques at your disposal, and understand their tradeoffs. In this session, we will discuss incremental and differential backups, compression, active block mapping, and the different types of deduplication techniques so that you can pick the right solutions for your environment.


2603 Resilient, Highly Available Data Center in the Cloud: Benefits, Architecture and Success Story with Rackspace and Quest Software

Cloud customers are increasingly looking for not only robust design, high scalability, but also want to ensure that the VMs are highly available and the cloud solution has Disaster Recovery plan. Join Executives from Rackspace and Quest software to learn how these companies joined together to create industry’s first, innovative DR solution for cloud data center. Paul and John will share their experience finding the right solution, bringing this to market on VMware virtualization platform. They will be joined by a joint customer to discuss actual use case scenario.


Happy voting, and we look forward to seeing you at VMworld!