vRanger - VMware disaster recovery where it's needed most

Information Week recently reported on an all-too-familiar problem with small organizations and their investment in virtualization technology. Too many don't have enough time, energy or resources to really think about what happens when a network outage, data loss, or other IT disaster occurs. They repeated discouraging statistics like:

  • 57% of SMBs have no recovery plan
  • Businesses averaged 6 separate outages in 2010
  • Outages average $12,500/day in downtime

All of this reinforces the understanding that small businesses are stressed for time and resources, thus making it difficult for them to address intermittent issues like disaster recovery, even though the consequences can be disastrous for them.

Quest has purpose-built vRanger purpose-built to address these issues: enabling small organizations to adequately protect their VMware investments, with a minimal amount of effort and costs. With simple deployment and minimal administration needs, anyone comfortable with VMware and vCenter will feel at home using vRanger.

Just as importantly though is the ability to get back up and running, as quickly as possible. The recovery process needs to be fast and painless. Need an individual file or files, fast? A catalog index is needed to find it quickly, and restore it easily. Restoring large amounts of data? Make sure there's no unnecessary strain on both LAN and ESX(i) CPU resources. Recovery is the critical link - make sure the tools at hand fit the bill.

There are plenty of reports, surveys and buyer's guides out there to help find the right VMware backup and recovery tools. Look for excellent all-around scores, that focus on backup, restore, and underlying technology. If you're a small organization, there's no excuse anymore - data protection for virtual environments has never been more affordable, more simple, or more important!