vRanger 5.0 Cataloging Uniquely Reduces Time to Recover ' Here's How

You might have seen our announcement today about the newrelease of vRanger 5.0.

We are pretty pumped up about this release and hopethat you are, too!

There are loads of new features that will allow you tobackup and restore more efficiently and make your job much easier.

I’d like to highlight one new feature in particular --Cataloging – that will reduce the time required to recover files from VMbackups.

The vRanger catalog recordsfile and directory information during the backup process. You can use this information to quicklysearch for and recover files without 3rd party tools, and without needing toknow which backup job or VM archive holds the needed files.

We’ve created a short document that describes the vRangercatalog in more detail - namely, how it works and what you need to know to getstarted.