vRanger 5.2 is here and better than ever

This week we released vRanger 5.2, the 3rd significant release of vRanger since January and our best yet. The 5x series of vRanger represents our 3rd generation product and the evolution of vRanger in quality, performance and functionality. Quality has been our singular focus with version 5 of vRanger. vRanger in terms of software products is a relatively young product compared to legacy backup solutions and we've been growing as fast as the virtualization market overall. Sometimes when you grow really fast, you make sacrifices and for some of our customers, vRanger 4 didn't live up to their expectations. This is why with the convergence of Vizioncore into Quest we've raised the bar on product quality and focused on what matters in backup solutions - reliability. Quest Software is known for quality and has a history of customer loyalty for industry leading products such as Toad and Foglight that very few enterprise software companies achieve. We've also been recognized for superior customer service as seen with our ACE awards for the past two years.

With vRanger 5.2 we've closed over 500 customer cases for a total of 800 since vRanger 5.0 in January. Our focus on quality has been driven at every level within our organization, from development to QA and technical pubs, we've focused on delivering a quality backup solution our customers can count on. We've also delivered much anticipated functionality in the area of ESXi with the following enhancements that have been validated by over 1000 beta customers:

- ESXi LAN backup performance that is 2-3x faster than similar backups speeds in vRanger 4.x

- ESXIi replication via a new Virtual Appliance (VA) that is up to 120% faster than previous ESX replication in vRanger 4.x

Speaking of beta customers, I want to thank each and every one. Many of you setup complex configurations and tested multiple beta builds of the product and provided valuable feedback and benchmark data. Our vRanger customer base is diverse, from small businesses with a couple of ESXi hosts to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies with thousands of VMs protected by vRanger on hundreds of ESX(i) hosts. We appreciate your support and promise to raise the bar with every release of vRanger going forward.

In addition to the ESXi enhancements, we are vSphere 5 ready now and will receive our VMware vSphere 5 logo certification in time for VMworld. I hope everyone is as excited about vRanger 5.2 as we are and we look forward to seeing many of you at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas and Copenhagen. We've got a lot more Blogs coming on vRanger 5.2 and our Virtual Appliance.