vRanger 5 is Close - View the Beta Feedback

We're closing in on the release of vRanger 5, an exciting new release which promises to reshape how our customers use backup, replication and recovery to protect their virtual systems.

I know many of you are anxious to see the new versions for yourselves. Here's some of what our beta participants had to tell us about the release, which is shipping soon:

  • Patent-pending native catalog is a favorite feature of 16% of participants, with all confirming that the functionality adds no time to the backup process - and some reporting that backup seems to go even faster in this release! Catalog includes advanced search capabilities and one-click restore, to speed recovery of individual savepoints, VMs, and files, and directories.
  • 52% of participants named our integrated backup, replication and recovery, as their favorite new feature in the release. We agree! This dynamite combination makes it easier, to manage your entire protection lifecycle, local and remote.
  • 13% cited our new storage targets, NFS and FTP, as offering their favorite new capability.
  • Others cited added backup job flexibility, job creation features, and Linux FLR.

Here are some of the comments, which are participants shared with us about the beta functionality, as they experienced it:

"The integration of backup and replication hits the spot!"

"Having an integrated replicator/ranger management console makes it more intuitive to create nd manage jobs."

"Great increase in speed, performance and stability. The usability has increased."

"Awesome performance, greed speed, small file size!"

"In our testing, vRanger 5 beta is very intuitive and easy to use - backing up a new guest on a new host took less than 5 minutes for one of our IT staff that had never used vRanger before."

"We are planning on replacing our existing tape based system and our cost analysis to date indicates we will have less than 12 month ROI before we save money each year."

"The new 5 beta seems to be more stable than prior versions. I have also seen a performance increase while backing up a larger number of virtuals. vRanger is according to me easier to use than most of its competitors."

A big THANKS to all of our beta participants!! We look forward to your continued reactions, as we release the product!!