vRanger 5 is GA!

The Quest vRanger team is very happy to announce the GA release of vRanger / vReplicator 5.0! It's available for immediate download here.

The vRanger product family now includes three software solutions:

- vRanger Pro
- vRanger Standard Edition (SE)
- vReplicator

and offers key new data protection capabilities:

  • Integrated backup and replication: one console with flexible deployment and licensing
  • Native cataloging: with integrated restore to easily locate and restore individual files
  • Fibre restore: to speed recovery and eliminate LAN traffic by using Fibre Channel infrastructure

vRanger Pro also now includes all of the capabilities of vReplicator, which gives organizations both comprehensive and flexible VMware protection in one easy-to-use console. With the vRanger and vReplicator product family, Quest allows customers to license and deploy the exact level of protection they need: low-impact application and Web servers may need backup-only licensing while mission-critical servers receive a combination of backup and replication coverage.

vRanger Pro 5 also features a unique catalog capability that provides a native, full catalog of every image in the backup repository - administrators can now quickly and easily find and restore files, even among large amounts of virtual data. Recovery is now a quick and easy process: search - select - restore. The new catalog search installs automatically - no third-party tools are requireed.

Finally, the new Fibre restore feature offered by vRanger Pro also speeds recovery and lowers the impact of recovery on business users by sending restored data over a Storage Area Network (SAN) Fibre Channel rather than the business network.

Additional new features include :

  • Linux File-Level Recovery: enables businesses to quickly restore a single file from a backup image in the repository through a one-step process. FLR works now on both Linux and Windows guests
  • NFS Storage Support: Enables Network Attached Storage devices to be used as targets for both backup and replication.
  • FTP Storage Support: Enables the use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) repositories.
  • AES-256 encryption for replication jobs
  • support for replication on 64-bit guests

Visit the updated product pages for more information on 5.0, including new datasheets, videos, and webinar opportuniites:https://www.quest.com/products/vranger/