vRanger 6 - Product evolution that will revolutionize our market

vRanger Sr. Product Manager Mark Edwards just made available the vRanger 6.0 beta site where we encourage our customers to register for the vRanger 6 beta. With vRanger 6.0 we are taking an important step in the evolution of vRanger by adding physical backup and recovery support for Windows Server environments. While the focus of vRanger 5 (5.0 - 5.5) has been hardening of the product core (integration of replication, parallelism, virtual appliance, integrated catalog, de-dupe) and supporting the latest ESXi features (large VMDK, VMFS 5 support, HOTADD), the goal of vRanger 6.0 is to broaden the reach of the product to include physical backup protection.


Our twice yearly customer surveys have been consistent in showing the need for physical support in vRanger since roughly half of our customers use vRanger in conjunction with a physical backup product. On average, the other product is protecting less than 25% of the data, often at a cost that is more than vRanger which is protecting the majority of the data. Beyond physical backup support in vRanger 6.0, we are looking at tightly integrated application protection along with cloud and tape support later on as we build upon the initial vRanger 6 release. Another exciting new feature of vRanger 6 planned this year will be integration with the new NetVault XA console that provides vRanger customers the ability to centrally manage multiple vRanger servers from a single pane of glass.


With vRanger 6.0, customers can standardize on ONE data protection solution for their data whether it resides on physical or virtual machines. The implementation is straight forward with the addition of the physical client tab that provides the same look and feel as how virtual machines are protected today. It's ironic that the leading purpose built solution for the virtual market would be adding physical protection. That said, this shows how IT has evolved where for many organizations, the amount of data under control of virtual machines is greater than data controlled by traditional physical images. With vRanger 6, we have a "virtual centric" solution that provides physical protection.


The addition of physical support will provide tremendous value and is one of the most requested enhancements to vRanger. Pricing and licensing will be per physical server, and economical. Key features include the following:


- Hot (VSS) backup

- Full and incremental/differential backup

- Full and file level recovery

- Integrated backup catalog for easy file recovery

- Scheduling, reporting and backup features similar to vRanger virtual support

- Direct to target backup


I think those of you who have been wishing vRanger could protect your remaining physical servers will be impressed with how easy protecting them can be with vRanger 6. For those of you who don't participate in the beta, be sure to stop by the Quest booth at VMworld in San Franciso for a hands-on demonstration.