vRanger Backup & Replication 5 - What is new Video

vRanger Backup & Replication 5 is available for download.

What is new:

  • vReplicator integration
    • vRanger Pro customers get replication at no additional cost
    • Shared advanced resource scheduler to minimize backup and replication window
  • Cataloging
    • Search files across all your savepoints, simplifies and make File Level Restore procedure much faster
  • Linux File Level Restore Restore
    • single files or folders on Linux
  • Fibre restore
    • Restore your images over fibre
    • LAN-free and offloads ESX(i) host
  • Repository support for NFS and FTP
    • Additional protocol support to existing CIFS and SFTP
  • vRanger PowerPack
    • Manage vRanger with PowerShell in PowerGUI
    • https://www.quest.com/Does not require any PowerShell skills as it´s provided in the PowerPack
    • Allows you to do things not possible to do in the product

Watch this 4 minute video where Quest experts Jason Mattox (Director & Chief Technologist) and Mattias Sundling (Evangelist) discuss what is new and what the benefits are.

[View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEUR_-fHbwk&hd=1 ]