vRanger Ideas Welcome

At Quest Software, nobody is more important to us than our customers. That’s what simplicity at work is all about really, making the lives of our customers easier each and every day they come to work. And who better to tell us what our customers need to make their lives easier than our customers themselves?


That’s why the vRanger® team is so excited to announce that effective this week, we’ve reintroduced the “Ideas” section within our popular vRanger community space. I say reintroduced because this is something that was extremely popular among customers back in the Vizioncore days and it’s something we think vRanger customers will find just as useful today.


The basic idea (no pun intended) of the Ideas section is to give you the customer a chance to talk directly to us about what you’d most like to see in future releases of vRanger. So if you want to request a new feature or suggest a specific improvement, this is the place to do it.


I’ve gotten the ball rolling by suggesting a few ideas for new features and product enhancements, and now the floor is yours! If see you an idea you like, let us know by voting for it. If you see an idea you’d like to expand upon, share your feedback with the community by commenting on it. And if you have a brand new idea that hasn’t been suggested yet, go ahead and put it up on the board.


We’ll actively manage the list and provide updates to let you know how and when we act on an idea, which will also keep the list updated on a rolling basis. We can do this by updating each entry’s “stage.” There are several stages available including, but not limited to, active (the default), already offered, delivered, and partially implemented.


As a Quest customer, your voice matters and your ideas are always welcome. We look forward to reading them!


Simply visit the vRanger community site, and click on the Ideas tab.


Want more interaction with the Quest Data Protection team? Send us a message on Twitter at @QuestDP or check us out on Facebook.