vRanger Pro 4.5 is GA Today - Details on 4.5 Reliability and Key New Features!

Vizioncore is proud to announce the General Availability of vRanger Pro 4.5. This major release includes these new product features:

  • Change Block Tracking (CBT) - to speed incremental and differential backup by querying vStorage API for the changed block list, without having to take the time to scan to find the changed blocks in the VMDK file
  • Active Block Mapping (ABM) - a patent-pending technology from Vizioncore which speeds fulls, incrementals and differentials by eliminating deleted blocks from the read blocks from the VMDK; this unique capability also reduces the size of the backup image

In combination, CBT and ABM speed performance by 33% on average and reduce the size of the backup repository by 25% on average. ABM is the only known technology which can avoid the need to read blocks with zeros written into them, as distinguished from unallocated blocks in the VMDK file.

Importantly, ABM also speeds restore by up to 90% by avoiding the need to write the zero blocks.

CBT from Vizioncore is implemented to avoid the CBT defect found in the VMware platform. For information on how you can rest assured that your backup copy is not exposed to a potential integrity problem, read about our implementation at this blog post.

vRanger Pro is also implemented to include the CBT enabling script to turn CBT "on" for the VM at the vCenter, with a simple right-click in the vRanger Pro GUI console. You can also use a script in vEcoShell for mass enabling CBT. Vizioncore has posted this script for general use, as well.

  • Object-Level Restore - providing object-level restore of Microsoft Exchange email messages, folders and objects by leveraging Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange (RME), a proven and well-accepted solution within enterprise environments

This is offered in addition to the capability to work with standard application tools, like those found in Exchange and SQL Server, to perform so-called universal restore. We will offer more information in a later blog posts, on RME restore which is implemented to be easier to use and Vizioncore methods for universal restore using standard application tools.

  • Vizioncore VSS - ensuring backup data integrity for application databases running in Windows 2003 and 2008 guests, for which VMware VSS has a known defect; log file truncation is also provided

Note that the Vizioncore VSS implementation does not require open communication ports in the guest.

  • Custom Backup Groups - enabling the custom grouping of VMs into a single backu job as a static list; also offers the capability to link a backup job to a vCenter folder to stay in synch with the VMs currently in that folder as they change dynamically over time
  • AES-256 Encrypted Repositories - securing data block-by-block on the source, so data is secured for transmission over networks along with being secured in the backup repository
  • Thin Disk Provisioning - enabling thin disk provisioning to be preserved through VM restore; note that VMs provisioned with thin disk were always supported for backup but preserving the thin disk provisioning through restore is new in 4.5

In addition to these new features, Vizioncore is also pleased to inform its customers that the 4.5 product appears to be more reliable, stable, and functional than any previous release. The Data Protection Platform (DPP) foundation which was introduced in vRanger Pro 4 has been put through enough customer environments to have been fully stabilized at this point. Our customers can expect to receive these additional benefits from 4.5, as a result:

  • Reliable, stable product implementation - over 250 organizations participated in the 4.5 beta to help ensure the stability and functionality of this product version before its release
  • Rock-solid FLR - consider upgrading to 4.5 from previous versions to gain the full benefits of FLR in your environment
  • DPP foundation - built on the world's only Data Protection Platform optimized for image-based handling with key features that include dynamic resource management in virtual environments, multi-streaming for multiple VM backup jobs working in paraellel, simple restore of multiple VMs at the same time without having to go through the restore wizard individually for each VM, and scalability to manage TBs of VM data

For more information, MARK YOUR CALENDAR TODAY and register for a public webinar on the 4.5 product and its features scheduled for:
Wed, June 2, 11am eastern

You can also read the datasheet for vRanger Pro 4.5 attached to this blog entry.

We are immediately gearing up for vRanger Pro 5 due out later this summer! Watch this Backup 2.0 blog for sneak peak information and commentary on how we are doing as we move into beta in about a month for this transformational release!