Welcome to your new SharePoint Community

Yep, it’s new, it’s shiny and it still has that new community smell. We were thrilled by the immediate success and quickly outgrew the community software that originally housed SharePointForAll. It took us all longer than we’d hoped to get to this new community, but the wait is over!
If you previously visited SharePointForAll, welcome to our new home! Soak in the new features and tell us how it stacks up to the old place. If this is your first visit, this is the place to come for news, feedback, expert and team blogs, betas and other related information around Quest’s award winning SharePoint products. Pay special attention to our “Featured Content” widgets. These areas will highlight breaking news and information in the community. In fact, look for a very special announcement on October 5 around a free product giveaway…
Take your time and have a look around, we hope you like what you see and appreciate the improvements. Let’s continue to work together to tame the beast that is SharePoint and make sure it provides the value everyone knows it can!! From folks like Joel Oleson, a man who never lets a SharePint be wasted, to our great Product Managers like Ilia Sotnikov, Alex Kirillov and Curtis Kelly to our primo marketing team of Susan Roper, Michelle Gamlin and Jennifer LuPiba, backed up by a cadre of developers from the four corners of the world, we got you covered. So welcome home!