Well, it's One for the Money - Two for the Show -> VMworld Update

As you know, VMworld 2011 is in full swing this week at The Venetian in Las Vegas. Quest, once again, is a featured Virtualization management vendor and we have had plenty of traffic at the booth (#521).



As I speak with customers and IT professionals, one theme keeps resonating – applications deployed within mixed environments are hard to manage and seem to get IT folks “All Shook Up”.



Managing applications deployed within a physical environment is hard enough. But many organizations, especially these days, are trying to curb costs within their IT environment by turning to virtualization. Unfortunately, online applications are not on the same page with IT’s cost curbing strategy. With the application environment constantly in flux, virtualized technologies add additional change and “heartbreak” for IT.



As the environment changes, the single constant is the application; and its need to perform as designed. When performance degrades, the business pays the price in poor end-user experience and lost revenue. Without an effective solution and strategy for monitoring in physical and virtualized environments, you may be left out in the cold Kentucky rain.



As I mentioned last week, Quest provides an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution built on a single technology platform that helps organizations manage both physical and virtualized environments. Foglight is extensible and flexible and can manage all aspects of the application environment including database, end-user experience, Java/.NET/packaged applications, or infrastructure.



Three to Get Ready? Give us a call and let us prove it to you. Viva Las Vegas!