What CIO's should know about Active Directory Disaster Recovery in less than 6 pages!

CIO’s have a significant number of responsibilities including establishing and directing the strategic and tactical goals, policies, and procedures for the information technology department. CIO’s are expected to create a cost-benefit analysis as well as support a detailed definition of data requirements and departmental workflows. They are responsible for overseeing many different IT departments and projects including budget review which is done by assessing and anticipating technology projects and recommending appropriate action and resources to complete them.


CIO's depend on their team to make sure good measures are in place which protects the company’s infrastructure. A successful CIO has a proactive, well rounded, experienced team in their corner to back them on this mission. We understand how little time CIO’s have to consider future infrastructure enhancement and insurance projects so a concise white paper should help get the Active Directory Disaster Recovery point across quickly and efficiently.


There is a decent amount of information on the web regarding Active Directory disaster recovery that can be found in many different locations from Microsoft TechNet to blogs to tech articles. What we did is create a short white paper that has as much information from many different sources that is concise and to the point. We broke the white paper into categories based on the questions most CIO’s would need answered to make informed decisions. The pertinent disaster recovery information included consists of examples of Forest-wide failures, why Active Directory-related disasters are different, typical causes of Active Directory problems, the cost of downtime, why standard backup and recovery tools aren’t enough and how to bounce back fast from Active Directory disasters.


All this information and more can be found in the white paper below:


CIO Guide - Recovering from an Active Directory Disaster: The Art of Bouncing Back Fast