What do you do about Notes e-mail content that Outlook cannot handle?

Lotus Notes allows you to create all sorts of rich content that is not visible or actionable in Outlook. Think of a Notes application that generates an e-mail with a tabbed table of expenses and has buttons for approval or denial of the expenses. What happens when the approver has been migrated from Domino to Exchange? When they get this work flow e-mail, they get something that is not readable, because the tabbed tables will be a mess, nor actionable, because the button won’t work.

However, there is a solution that will work and maintain the intent of sending an e-mail to the recipient that contains this rich Notes content, what we call “ActiveMail”.

The Quest Coexistence Manager for Notes mail processing component, the Mail Connector, has an option to process Active Mail – those rich Notes content items that don’t play well with Outlook and Exchange. When the Mail Connector detects Stored Forms, Embedded Buttons, HotSpots, Collapsible Sections, Native Notes Encryption and rich Notes markup like Tabbed Tables, it encapsulates this content in an NSF attachment that the Exchange recipient can actually open. When the end user receives this e-mail and reads it in Outlook, they can open the NSF attachment in their Notes client, and see the “active” content as originally formatted.

Now, when our migrated approver gets the expense report form, they can open the ActiveMail NSF attachment, then read the tables of expenses and finally approve or deny the expenses, just as they did before the migration.