What do you think of SharePoint 2013*? #qsharepoint wants to know!

Well, it’s coming. SharePoint 2013, vNext, Wave X, whatever. By now, I am sure you have all heard or read about the next version SharePoint. As one of Microsoft’s top partners and ISVs, we’re keenly interested in this next release. Our goals as it relates to any new version of Microsoft infrastructure are twofold:


  • Ensure our current portfolio of solutions such as Site Administrator for SharePoint reporting and Web parts for SharePoint development stays relevant and supports the new version as soon after release as possible.
  • Uncover new management opportunities that you, our customers, will run into, then develop and support solutions that address those needs.


But to do that, we need your feedback. So that’s the point of this blog post – to ask for your assistance. We’re interested to understand when your organizations intend to adopt this new release of SharePoint. If you have any thoughts on this topic, please reply to this blog post with those comments.


From our perspective, we anticipate that adoption of SharePoint 2013 (not the official name – it’s just what I am using for the convenience of this post) to be similar to SharePoint 2010. And that is as follows:


  • Some of you will begin moving non-critical parts of your SharePoint farm(s) to the public beta of SharePoint 2013 (again, assuming there is a public beta).
  • Most of you will wait for the GA version and will begin – albeit slowly – to move content and apps to that new platform.
  • Many of your will wait for service pack 1 (assuming there is a service pack 1).
  • And with the advent of SP1, everyone will begin moving everything to SharePoint 2013 with gusto.


So, am I close? Is this how your organization will make the move to SharePoint 2013? We’d like to know.






* Assuming the next version of SharePoint is called SharePoint 2013 and I have no information about that specifically one way or the other.