What does 'The Cloud' mean to you?

As a follow on from my previous blog post, I started wondering how the move to 'the cloud' may change the reporting landscape. 'Cloud' was the buzzword of 2011 with Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 providing a blaze of publicity, alongside other hosted vendors such as Zimbra. Whether you are already moving every mailbox you currently have on-prem to a hosted environment, running in hybrid with some users on-prem and some hosted, still dipping your toes into 'the cloud', or your only experience in this area is watching 'Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs' with your kids (that may just be me!), the movement of messaging components to cloud computing certainly has an affect on management and reporting concerns.


Some examples of this could be:

  • I no longer care about capacity planning as I have outsourced this to 'the cloud'
  • Do I care who has the largest mailbox? I don't have to worry about storing them.
  • No more monitoring queues, bandwidth or physical resources. That's your problem Google, Microsoft or other hosted provider - yay!


Of course there are new worries that will replace your old ones:

  • How secure is my data now?
  • How many subscriptions do I have? How many are being actively used? Do I need more?
  • Can I get insight into who is accessing the data and when?
  • Do I still need to maintain an archive?
  • How can I measure the SLA provided by my hoster and how can I hold them to it?
  • Is my job in jeopardy now someone else is looking after all our messaging resources? (Sorry, just because you moved to 'the cloud' does not mean you can now spend all day playing Angry Birds).


Here at Quest we have already added support for Office 365 to our product lines e.g. MessageStats and Migration Manager for Exchange. However, as always, I would very much like to hear from you on how moving to 'the cloud' is affecting your day-to-day job and what you would like to see added to MessageStats to assist with managing your hosted assets. Feel free to reply here or drop me a line at joel.blaiberg@quest.com.


Joel Blaiberg

Product Manager

Quest Software