What Happens when my Storage Maximizer Trial is over??

Like all of Quest's Software's SharePoint products, Storage Maximizer (known to us internally as SMAX but you can use that name too) is available for 30 days to trial. Now with a tool this easy to deploy and use you may be tempted to try this out on production data. Just to see how it works. We know that we can tell you don't use this on production docs til we turn blue, that it probably causes Monkey Pox and put warnings everywhere. But you know you might want to see how this works on that finance document library. And we know it too.


So you install SMAX, you get a few document libraries externalized, but then some software from that other SharePoint vendor needs some loving care (again) so you forget about it. Then you look on the calendar...it's 35 days since you installed SMAX!


Yikes..you rush to the document library, click on a document and presto..everything is there!


Here is the deal. We know you're busy, we know you don't always have time to get back to us after the 30 days. So we don't stop working after 30 days. We would like to think that you will use those 30 days to try everything out, see how compression and encryption works, look at some of our cool SMAX videos and fawn over the finer details of its cool dashboard, but we know that sometimes 30 days just isn't enough.


So this is what you need to know:


Storage Maximizer will NOT remove your access to the externalized content after your 30 day trial is over.


Still, you might want to get that Monkey Pox looked after...