What is a Quest Smartner and who is this Brad guy who knows? Find out here #qsmartners

If you haven’t heard about Quest Smartners yet, now is your chance! I’m Brad Koesters (https://www.quest.com/) – after working closely with the Quest SharePoint team for several years (including Joel Oleson, Adam Woodruff, Bill Evans, Doug Davis, Susan Roper, Michelle etc), I have been promoted to the new Quest Partner Manager for SharePoint. It’s important to me and the entire team that you understand why this program is going to be different for you and your company….this is why we’ve decided to call our SharePoint Partners “Smartners”! As a Smartner, you will have a SINGLE point of contact within Quest. This means you call ME and I help you help your customers. You’ll have access to a private area here on our community site (https://www.quest.com/community/) to retrieve license keys, partner ONLY training materials, news for your eyes only and a host of other goodies! Other benefits, you ask? The ability to use Quest award winning Solutions for SharePoint to grow your business and provide easier solutions to your customers. You’ll have the opportunity to extend your marketing reach and ultimately drive more revenue.


Now, how do YOU become a Quest Smartner? Just email me at Bradley.koesters@quest.com and get to know me!