What kind of DBA are you? - Galactic Edition

Which character defines you as a DBA?

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Are you DBA Chewie?

You’re loyal, dedicated and skilled. But most of the time, you’re treated like you’re from another planet. You spend a lot of time listening to business requirements, but when you try to explain your challenges in order to maintain database performance, availability or security, it feels like you’re speaking Shyriiwook – the language of the Wookiee. And when it comes to setting expectations for end users and customers, it all seems to get lost in translation. 


Are you DBA Trooper?

Feel like you’re always the bad guy? You’re constantly on-call to solve every issue that arises and every day feels like you’re waging a war within your organization. You’re on the front lines fighting for database performance and availability, and yet you’re the first person that gets the finger pointed at them when something goes wrong – even when the issue is beyond your control. You might as well stay suited up, because it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re going into battle.



Are you DBA Skywalker?

The Force is strong with this one. You’re the man/woman and everyone has their eye on you because you’ve excelled in some of the most epic database battles in your organization. When days are dark, everyone knows that you have the unique gift to bring it all to the light, keeping the universe in balance and enemies (i.e. database performance issues and system downtime) at bay. Sure, you get pulled in many directions, but so far you’ve figured out a way to pull through as the hero.



Are you DBA Vader?

You’re the necessary evil at your organization. Some may even call you ruthless. As a DBA, you have no tolerance for errors of any sort. When The Emperor (AKA, your boss) gives you the directive, your team gets in line and follows orders – no questions asked. You don’t let setbacks deter you and you certainly don’t accept defeat. That’s for the weak. Anyone who stands in the way of executing your plan is simply collateral damage.



 So which character defines you as a DBA? Tweet us @Quest with #DBAForce to let us know.

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