What makes a trader go rogue?

Kevin Norlin, General Manager and VP of Quest Software in EMEA asked himself that very question and took the time to pen to paper (or finger to keyboard as the case is nowadays) and contributed an article to SC Magazine. In the article, Norlin concludes that there are a number of factors that can attribute to an employee going rogue and a number of things organizations can (and should) do to prevent and dissuade them from doing so. Using the analogy of yellow and red cards in a soccer match, Norlin explains that like it or not, we need to heed the warning of those yellow cards quickly to avoid getting a dreaded red card. Unlike soccer, businesses aren't playing a friendly game and a red card in the real world doesn't mean you merely sit out the rest of the match and bounce back in the next game - a red card in business can cost you, and heavily. If you audited your environment today, would you find anything that merits a yellow card, or maybe even a red card?


To read the article, please visit: https://www.scmagazineuk.com/what-makes-a-trader-go-rogue/article/547331/