What's New in Toad for Oracle 12.8?

Toad for Oracle 12.8 is now available for download! What is new?



Toad for Oracle 12.8 now offers its users these following enhancements and new features!

  • Enhanced debugging

The Debugging feature was enhanced and now contains tighter integration with Code Tester for Oracle. The following enhancements were made in the areas of the set Parameters window, the enhanced PL/SQL results output and with enhanced integration with Code Tester for Oracle.

  • Enhanced SQL Recall

SQL Recall contains the following enhancements:

The History, Named, and Personal selections in SQL Recall (View | SQL Recall) are replaced by two tabs named Recent and Saved.
The Recent tab contains recently executed statements (formerly history) and the Saved tab contains all saved statements, whether they have a Toad-defined or user defined name.

  • DB Health check integration into Toad Intelligence Central

Toad Database Health Check is now integrated into Toad Intelligence Central.

  • Enhanced Code Analysis integration in Toad
  • Intelligence Central
  • The Code Analysis feature in Toad Intelligence Central contains the following enhancements, the layout now shows full object names, the server names are now color coded and one can now drill down into Rules.

  • In addition to above mentioned major features, a dozen minor features were added to Toad for Oracle v12.8 as well. 

Additional New Features information is located in 12.8 Release Notes Technical Documentation in the Support Portal.