What's New in Toad for SQL Server 6.7?

Toad for SQL Server 6.7 now offers its users these following enhancements and new features!


Memory Optimized Table

  • For connections to SQL Server 2014 and later you can now select Table type MemoryOptimizedTable from the Columns page when you Create Table.

Database Backup / Restore

  • For connections to SQL Server 2014 and later you can now Backup Database to Windows Azure and Restore Database from Windows Azure. The options are provided in the Backup Database dialog and Restore Database dialog.

Schema Compare

  • You can now generate a detailed report of the comparison result. Click the new Report button on the Schema Compare Schema Comparison window.

Background Processes Icon

  • The animated background processes icon has been enhanced to provide a clearer indication that a window is associated with a currently running process.

For each Query Builder or Editor document with an active background process, this animated icon displays in the window's tab. This allows you to quickly see which windows have executing statements.

Data Compare

  • The Data Compare project file has a new XML format. The file extension (.dcp) remains the same. New Data Compare projects you create are saved using this new XML format. Data Compare files created in previous versions of Toad are supported. However, if you open a Data Compare file created in a previous version of Toad, the file is converted to the new XML format.
  • Because the Data Compare project is now in XML format (instead of a binary file format), the file is easier to read when opened and reviewed in a text editor.

Version Control for Files

This release has re-implemented version control for Toad files. Toad can integrate with your existing version control system allowing you to manage multiple versions of Toad files.

  • After you integrate Toad for SQL Server with your version control system, you can perform version control tasks directly from within Toad for SQL Server, such as commit your changes or retrieve the latest file revision from the remote repository.
  • Toad supports Apache Subversion™ for managing Toad files. Toad has been tested with Subversion 1.7.5 and 1.8.
  • You can manage the following file types using version control within Toad for SQL Server: Editor (.tef, .sql, .txt), Query Builder (.tsm), ER Diagram (.ter), and Automation (.tas).
  • The Repository Browser (Tools | Repository Browser) allows you to view all files in the repository. From the Repository Browser, you can open files, commit changes, retrieve the latest revision of a file, and check the status of one or more files.

In addition to above-mentioned major features, a dozen minor features were added to Toad for SQL Server v6.7 as well. 

Additional New Features information is located in 6.7 Release Notes Technical Documentation in the Support Portal.