What's Securing your Big Data Environment?

Anyone that is associated with tech these days has heard the term “Big Data.”  This term can refer to many different technologies, methods, and concepts.  One technology that Big Data refers to is NoSQL.  NoSQL is a database technology that provides a radically different method of storing and retrieving data than a traditional rational database like Oracle’s DBMS.  This gives NoSQL performance advantages when used in certain datasets.  The most popular NoSQL database is MongoDB.  MongoDB is used by over 2,000 organizations, including a 1/3 of the Fortune 100, to solve their company’s information problems.

When a new technology emerges businesses will first evaluate the technology to verify its value.  Once that is done the business looks to add security controls.  According to Gartner’s 2013 Big Data Survey, a full 27% of respondents put security as a challenge. With the enterprise adoption of MongoDB, business are looking to incorporate the same security controls they are accustomed to with their traditional DBMS.

Today we are happy to announce a technology integration with our friends at MongoDB.  With the assistance of Alex Komyagin at MongoDB and our own Kyle Robinson we provide a step by step guide to integrate Authentication Services with MongoDB.  Previous to this integration MongoDB customers did basic LDAP type integrations that did not leverage the power and flexibility of Active Directory.  Using Authentication Services, customers can take advantage of all the benefits Active Directory offers as a directory service.  This integration allows our customers to enjoy two industry leading technologies, MongoDB and Authentication Services, all while reusing a proven security infrastructure.

More information can be found on MongoDB's site or the Quest Knowledge Base