What to Do If You're Hit with an E-Discovery Request

Unfortunately many companies are not as proactive about e-Discovery as they should be. I have heard all the excuses of why companies don’t have an e-Discovery solution in place such as, we don’t get sued, we are not for profit, we are too small, etc. For many companies there are too many solutions on the market and finding the right solutions is tedious and confusing. In reality some of the solutions on the market are too big and clunky. They are targeted mostly towards legal but not enough focus is on what the folks in IT need. I can relate to this because I have been there earlier in my IT career. Now I am focused on improving solutions that help IT with what they are tasked to do, such as building a solution that is focused more on what the IT role is for a discovery request, whether it is internal or external. A solution that doesn’t need to be installed prior to the discovery request, only takes hours to install and you can still have the ability to search multiple email silos from one single console.


Every company should have an e-discovery plan sitting right next to the disaster recovery plan. Because just like a natural disaster, no company is exempt from e-Discovery. With the proper planning, the e-Discovery process doesn’t have to be as arduous or expensive. If you want to learn more of how you can actually save money by having a solid e-Discovery plan and implementing the right solution, join Quest along with Michael Osterman for a webcast on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 8:00 AM PT. Click here to sign up: