Whatever happened to my Star Wars Snowspeeder?

Not sure if this is a universal phenomena, but I can't for the life of me recall whatever became of my childhood toys.


Given a choice, I would never have willingly departed with my Legos, Hot Wheels, Space 1999 Eagle or, God forbid, my Star Wars Snowspeeder!*


In fact, at Christmastime when I was 13, I distinctly remember flying my Snowspeeder (piloted by a Micronaut) around my parents' home (an Outer Rim system), when my dad interrupted my play and asked, "Aren't you too old to play with toys?"


What was then my favorite toy instantly became an embarrassing reminder that teenagers—and presumably adults—are too old to play with Star Wars figurines. Not long after the holidays, my Snowspeeder disappeared. Given its lack of hyperdrive capabilities, I can only assume it was decommissioned, abandoned on Hoth during a hasty planetary evacuation, or preferably given to a child in need—along with the hundreds of other toys that also went AWOL throughout my childhood. To this day, the disappearance of my toys remains a mystery. (Mom? Dad? Care to confess?)


But ‘tis the season of joy, so rather than dwelling on ghosts of Christmas past, I'd like to make a brief introduction. As the byline states, my name is Thom Brainard, and I am a new product marketing manager for Quest. I was once a system admin for a small Windows network, but have returned to my marketing roots to perform adult-like activities, such as discussing topics related to making your life easier as a Windows admin/IT manager, with an emphasis on Active Directory, Windows Server, security and other big-boy/girl toys. I look forward to interacting with you on just about any topic, and helping you with questions/concerns regarding my product portfolio:



Anyway, if you're not too embarrassed to share, I'd love to hear about your favorite childhood toy... and whether it left this world with your consent.



Until then, enjoy the holidays and think twice before you confiscate your own child's toys.


* Fact: The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie of all time.