When the Network Turns Cloudy

As more application platforms move to the cloud, bandwidth management and traffic analysis monitoring must become a priority for IT/Network admins to ensure performance quality. In fact, never before have network managers had to deal with the kind of quickly evolving, dynamic and complex environments that are seen in most enterprises today.

While SNMP monitoring for performance metrics and ICMP monitoring for latency is necessary, it is no longer sufficient in terms of keeping tabs on Bandwidth performance.

On the other hand, more complicated approaches, like deep packet inspection appliances, may be too cumbersome and overly complex. In fact, a recent survey (10/2011) done by EMA and Lancope1 found just that: “Sixty percent of survey respondents stated that they see flow data as an alternative to packet-based monitoring, demonstrating its dominance over more complicated traditional solutions when it comes to obtaining broad visibility over network infrastructure.”

Quest Foglight NMS is a leader in the marketplace for Flow analytics as we can support multiple Flow Protocols (Netflow, Sflow, J-Flow, PT Flow) as well as multiple versions of Flow traffic. In our most recent public build, we added additional Flow data filters to increase traffic visibility and give users the ability to dive deeper into individual conversations going across the wire. The Foglight Product Management team is committed to increasing the feature set of our Traffic Analysis module as we see more and more demand for this technology. In addition to Flow Analytics, a core focus moving forward will be around other Traffic Quality and Management Protocols. VOIP, IP SLA and QoS are all areas that our developers and PM teams will be focused on.

Cloud Management presents a whole new set of challenges for Network Administrators. In terms of Performance Monitoring, Quest remains committed to building easy to use, robust solutions that meet the needs of these ever changing environments. This is what the Foglight family of products is all about.

Foglight Network Management System is a perfect example of this commitment.



Bryan Forrester

Dir. of Sales, Network Management Business Unit