Who is #1 in VMware Data Protection?

As I write this post the nation, well thebasketball fan part anyway, is focused with rapt attention as March Madnessreaches a crescendo. I am not only struck by intensity of competition but alsohow well the process concludes with a clear leader and winner. Despite all thetrash talking between teams and fans, the rabid screaming fans on the sidelines,and the hyperbolic bragging by the teams, in the end we all know what really determineswho is number 1—the numbers on the board when the buzzer sounds. And so it iswith VMware data protection: the customers decide who is number 1—with theirmoney and trust. Likewise technology firsts and patents decide who is thetechnology leader and top innovator. All other claims are simply ‘trash talk’and bragging—we expect that from fans and teams in the heat of March Madness andin the heat of industry competition, but we all also know what really determines who is number 1 don't we? No brag—just facts.

So why is vRanger really number 1 where it really matters? It’s the REAL #1 VMware backup andreplication solution in customers and technology innovation: 1) 30,000 customers worldwide depend exclusivelyon vRanger for their VMware data protection, 2) Quest is the innovation leader:first with agentless VM backup, the only vendor with Active Block Management, firstwith Fibre SAN restore, and first with a fully integrated catalog, and 3) Quest isthe VM data protection technology leader with 17 Patents and 24 Pending.

You can read all the top reasons vRanger is simply better inthe attached PDF and I’ll be back next week to talk about reason number 2. Inmeantime enjoy the madness—in basketball and VMware data protection leadership claims.Just remember who is really first in the ways that count.