Who Moved My Migration Console?

A frail play on the “Who moved my cheese” title.   

Within the latest releases of Stat I’m sure you noticed by now the new “Migration Console” provided.  Initially, I must confess, I found I was a bit surprised at first.  

After taking it out for a spin or two; I found that I was pleasantly surprised.  The new Migration Console is pretty intuitive and certainly follows migration logic.  I like that.

As a Solutions Architect, being out “in the field” and speaking with customers face to face offers the opportunity for insight one might not get over the phone or through email. 

Last week I was out at a couple of existing customers and I asked the PS Admin/Developers, ones I could wrangle, if they've used it, if they like it, and what their thoughts were. 
The #1 response I received was that they liked it.  I also found one or two who were surprised by the change...  That’s all I needed to hear!

With that my little geek brain rallied “Blog Post!” and here we are…  

Migration Console: 

According to the documentation “The Migration Console displays information regarding past and present migrations. The console initially displays only the migrations you have run,
but you can expand the list to see migrations performed by all users.”  OK – Fair enough.

What I found within the docs, and the application, that helped me the most was my past experience with the “Migration History Wizard
(Stat > Migration Mgmt > Migration History Wizard).  If you've used the “Migration History Wizard” in the past, then you’ll find familiarity with the new Migration Console. 
They look quite similar. If anything, the Migration History Wizard actually contains more information than the Migration Console.  

Below is a screenshot of the Migration History Wizard:

 As compared to the Migration Console: 


You can see the similarities.

For its purpose, I’m finding the “Migration Console” to be the right tool for the job.  It’s a compact, concise view of the migration events over the last seven days.  It will immediately show you which changes have migrated to completion and which migrations still have activities awaiting execution.  Which brings us to the next section – “Completed” vs. “Wait for Post-Step”. 

Completed vs. Wait for Post Step: 

When you started the migration event, and if there were Pre-Migration Steps to execute, the Pre-Migration Steps window opened automatically.  The migration could not proceed until the Pre-Migration Steps were completed.  That’s a good thing.  On the other side of the migration, when the migration appears to complete, the Post-Migration Step window does not open automatically.  There is logic to this.  If the window popped up immediately it would display as “Modal” and you would therefore lose access to the migration console below it.  By not displaying it immediately, it allows you to review the migration activities that Stat has taken thus far.  If it’s completed, there’s nothing left to do.  If there are Post-Migration Steps waiting to be executed the migration status will display “Wait for Post-Step”.

The status of Wait for Post-Step allows you to review all the activities completed thus far and then, when ready, moving forward to the Post-Migration Steps.  By double-clicking on the row you are presented with history of the migration and in the upper right corner is the “PostMigr Steps” button for you to see and execute the outstanding Post-Migration Steps.  The following screenshot highlights these steps:

Once the tasks listed under the Post-Migration Steps have been run, marked completed, set to “N/A”, the status of the migration will update to “Completed”.

Searching Stat Help Files:

Should you want to review additional information on the Migration Console I would recommend searching the PDF versions of the Stat Users Guide and/or the Stat Administrators Guide with the
Key Words: “Migration Console” and “Migrations Console” (Both with and without the “s” in Migration).

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and I hope you found it informative.



William R. Hart

Solutions Architect

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