Why Do We Need a Debate?

I don’t know about you, but I hate being pressured to choose between two sides — especially when the opposing sides each benefit me in some way. A great example is the presidential primary elections which are in full force right now (at least for those of us in the U.S.).

     Photo Credit:  Bruce Turner Licensed under CC BY 2.0


There are multiple candidates, each claiming he or she is the best choice to solve the country’s challenges. But we only get one vote. We can’t take the charisma and oratory brilliance from the exciting candidate and combine it with the political experience and proven policy-making acumen of the less-shiny candidate. We have to make a choice if we’re going to participate in the process at all.

There are countless other situations in life where we’re pressured to choose. Having to hire one job applicant when you like two. Picking one entrée from the menu. Deciding whether you need a tablet or a laptop (although Dell solved that dilemma with its acclaimed 2-in-1 PCs).

In the world of disaster recovery, however, one choice that’s often forced upon backup and recovery professionals is the question of choosing agentless vs. agent-based backups. To be sure, each approach has its pros and cons.

For example, agent-based backups allow very for granular recovery, they’re great for legacy workloads, and with no single point of failure, you can count on the backups continuing to run. Whereas agentless backups offer the simplicity of not having to install agents across all your virtual machines and the cost savings of no agent fees for each virtual machine.

But when the two technologies have complementary strengths, do you even have to debate the choices at all? We answer that question in our latest white paper, The False Dilemma: Agentless vs. Agent-Based Backup.

This white paper guides you through the advantages of each option, allowing you to evaluate and choose the best backup and recovery approach for your business. Once you’ve read it, you’ll be more informed to make your choice, whether it’s agent-based, agentless or — drum roll, please — a blend of both.

Backup and recovery shouldn’t be boiled down to a game of “Would You Rather…” Instead, you should be able to pick the best of both options for an ultimate win-win backup scenario for your business.