Why You Should Review Application Design During Your Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration

In my last post about migrating from Lotus Notes to SharePoint, I mentioned that some projects never get beyond the planning phase. Management finally gets a look at realistic cost estimates in time, budget and productivity, and some or all of the migration never happens. The organization decides to stick with the dinosaur applications a little while longer.

When migration plans do go forward, the next phase is a design review of each custom application. Custom Notes forms and associated workflows are an important part of design review because they are on the front line of the user experience. Poorly laid-out forms or broken workflows disrupt productivity and slow down acceptance. Rebuilding custom forms and workflows from scratch would involve significant development effort. 

A more sensible alternative is to leverage third-party tools to reconfigure forms and workflow without all the cost and headache of hiring development expertise. Similarly, web parts can streamline application development by helping companies get over the build-versus-buy obstacle while keeping costs low.

We’ve put together an eBook, “Overcoming the Top 8 Challenges during Notes to SharePoint Migrations,” about the most common Lotus Notes migration challenges. On page 8 you’ll find compelling arguments for including third-party web parts, forms and workflow tools in your migration project.