Worried About How to Replace VCB Capabilities with vSphere 4.1 - Being Announced July 13?

If you've planned to use VCB - and have been working with it - you were likely disappointed and concerned when VMware announced VCB end-of-life this past Spring. VMware informed its VI and vSphere customers that the next version of vSphere, coming later this year, will soley rely on the new vStorage APIs for Data Protection(VADP) introduced with vSphere 4.0.

VMware is now on the brink of announcing vSphere 4.1. According to Virtualization.info, the announcement is officially set for next week, July 13. Virtualization.info also managed to get a 'leaked' partial list of the new features expected in vSphere 4.1, which it published in May.

If you qualify as one of those left high and dry without VCB, Vizioncore invites you to consider the following:

  • vRanger Pro offers simple, affordable, and reliable backup and recovery protection for VMDK files - not reliant on VCB
  • vRanger Pro includes advanced performance capabilities
  • vRanger Pro supports LAN-free deployment to leverage SAN-attached storage

For more information, you may want to read a current article in Dell Magazine written by Scott Herold, on the topic of "Overcoming data protection challenges in virtualized environments." Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Relying on traditional backup approaches in virtualized environments can be complex and time-consuming. By adopting image-based data protection technologies, IT staff can create a simplified, streamlined, reliable system for efficiently protecting and recovering virtual machines."

If you'd rather listen than read, consider checking out this upcoming webinar being offered by Vizioncore in both English and German:

Date: Wednesday, 14 July 2010
Time: 10am (GMT)


Featured speaker, Paul Martin, Vizioncore SE Director, EMEA