Your entire #SharePoint Farm just went offline! What do you do? @JoelOleson is in your face with a microphone and camera? What do you do?

Do you know how you would handle a SharePoint disaster? Maybe you’ve experienced one. But we sure hope not.


Or how about this scenario: you're minding your own business at a SharePoint show and Joel Oleson appears out of SharePoint Land quizzing you with disaster recovery questions. Oh, and you have a camera in your face! How do you respond?


Well, check out this video of Joel Oleson (@JoelOleson) as he hits the streets of #SPTechCon to quiz his fellow SharePoint buddies, gurus and some all-around comedians in this wacky video about SharePoint disasters featuring:


  • Laura Rogers (@WonderLaura)
  • Dux Ramond Sy (@Meetdux)
  • Mark Miller (@EUSP)
  • John Ferringer (@Ferringer)
  • Jeff Shuey (@jshuey)
  • Mark Rackley (@mrackley)
  • Geoff Varosky (@gvaro)
  • Chris Schwab (@ChrisRSchwab)
  • Josh Carlisle (@JoshCarlisle)
  • Mike Fitzmaurice (@MikeFitz)



Then test your own knowledge of how you would react in a SharePoint disaster by taking the quiz yourself. Checkout the video at and select the first banner. When you’re done watching the video just follow the link below the video to the quiz or visit


Good luck!