Your SharePoint may be at Risk! Quest Server Admin 1.3 Freeware

Your SharePoint may be at risk by not following Microsoft Best Practices configuration recommendations. Does your SharePoint comply with Best Practices? Are you ready to upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010? Can you compare SharePoint settings across farms to determine why one farm is having issues and the other farm is not? Announcing Quest Server Admin for SharePoint 1.3 Freeware. Server Admin for SharePoint is ready to be downloaded and to be used for free to help you answer these important questions and to resolve known SharePoint risks. Support will ONLY be provided through the Quest Community.

We kept the same feature set as Server Admin for SharePoint 1.2, but converted Server Administrator to Freeware to encourage all SharePoint Administrators to use the product as frequently as needed to keep SharePoint optimized. You can extend Server Admin for SharePoint by creating your own PowerShell rules using the Freeware Quest Power GUI and the included PowerShell rules as examples. In the future, look for additional rules packs on this site written by SharePoint Experts that you can easily import as rule packs into your Server Admin for SharePoint. We are excited about offering Server Admin 1.3 as Freeware and we think you will be excited as well. Enjoy!


Curtis Kelly

Sr. Product Manager

Quest Server Admin for SharePoint