Credentials change for oracle db hangs

Credentials change for Oracle db hangs (until session timeout) on "applying modified settings" when save changes is executed.  (Agent

There is no error or other message/feedback at all.  The credentials are verified on the target.

Is an upgrade or patch required?

  • Hello John,

    Please open the DB admin dashboard for the problematic agent and set the new DB credentials there (Connection Details part). Once you changed it, please verify/test the connection.

    The agent should work properly again afterwards.

  • not finding a password set option for the target in the agents gui
  • Hi John,


    On the Databases dashboard, select the instance, click Settings, Administration:

    Then Connection Details, Set Credentials, update the password, Hit Set (should be step 4), then you can Test the connection (4 in the image), and finally make sure to save changes (button in lower right, #6).


    Hope that helps.


  • Darren, Thank you for the reply.
    We are full circle. When I hit the SAVE button, it hangs for eternity.
    Sometimes, I get lucky and it takes the entry, most of the time not.

    The issue behind changing user is the db Foglight user keeps getting locked.
    We are attempting to move away from the Foglight user and put system in to be functional again.
    The drill down says cant connect Foglight as sysdba. We have granted dba to Foglight without success in the gui.

    We know the credentials for Foglight user are good as we log into the sqlplus without any issue (not as sysdba).

    For clarity, if you have a script showing all the grants to Foglight user, that would be very helpful.

    John Walker
  • How to escalate this to a ticket? we cant have our systems un-monitored this long?