How to manage remote RMAD using Powershell

Do you know that it is also possible to use PowerShell for Recovery Manager for Active Directory remote management?


At first we need to configure our Recovery Manager for Active Directory server so it can accept remote connections.

I used Enable-PSRemoting cmdlet for this.


You can find more details about using this cmdlet on Technet:

After that we can try to connect to our RMAD server from remote computer:



$s=new-pssession –ComputerName computer_name –Credential $cred

Invoke-Command –session $s –scriptblock {Add-PSSnapin Quest.RecoveryManager.AD.Powershell}

Import-PSSession $s


Now we can try managing collections:


New-RMADCollection –Name MyCollection

Add-RMADCollectionItem –Collection MyCollection –Domain mydomain


Or get information about backups for a specific computer for the last 10 days:


Get-RMADBackup | where{($_.Date -gt (Get-Date).AddDays(-10)) -and ($_.ComputerName –eq "lemondc.lemon.msk.qsft")}