Limitations with the Trial License in Migrator for Notes to SharePoint

Every so often I am asked about the limitations in the trial license in Migrator for Notes to SharePoint. I will review those limitations in this blog posting and try to give some perspective as to why these limits exist.

Typically, you will see this screen when you have a trial license.


We make trial versions of Migrator for Notes to SharePoint available for two reasons. First, it gives users the capability to discover and analyze their Notes application environment at no charge. Second, users can quickly move to testing migrations using the same data in our migration tool. 

However, we do need revenue to support and enhance our migration tool. We have partners and customers who often need our assistance or request new features or enhancements to existing features. We are fortunate to have a great team of developers and support engineers for this product. The team does a great job of maintaining and enhancing the product. We believe that we achieve a balance by providing free discovery features and migration testing features. Licensing is required for some of the more advanced migration planning and full migration features.


First, if you are running Migrator for Notes to SharePoint with a trial license, your migrations will be automatically limited to 10 records. This limitation exists because we do want users to try out the tool's migration capabilities. We believe that most tests will show what works and does not work with a sample of 10 documents.

Second, the Migration Effort tab on the Database Properties screen is grayed out. These effort estimate features are disabled with a trial license.


Third, the Migration Status tab on the Database Properties screen is grayed out. These settings are disabled with a trial license.


Fourth, some of the settings on the Migration Targets tab on the Database Properties screen is grayed out. The ACL Entry Mapping and SharePoint Group Provisioning settings are disabled with a trial license.


Reporting features are enabled after installing the free Microsoft Report Viewer.


What if the Trial License Key Is Too Limiting?

Users of our migration tool will usually contact us about a license key when they want to migrate more than 10 records. We understand that some users want to test migrating an entire Notes database. In some cases, users want to migrate several Notes databases with all documents. We do take this into consideration for very large migration projects (e.g. hundreds to thousands of Notes databases). For smaller migration projects, we may increase the limit on the number of records to 50 or 100. Please contact our sales team before you make a commitment to your customer on testing database migrations that may require more than 10 records. We do try to be flexible to meet the needs of our users and customers. Special license keys to support these types of test migrations will usually have a very short expiration time period (e.g. 30 days).

In general, we ask that you run tests that support the limitations. Note that you can run multiple migrations on the same Notes database and each time you can still migrate 10 documents.

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