Your 2017 Priority – Optimize AD for Office 365

Does your 2017 IT “To Do List” include a Microsoft Office 365 migration? If you’re preparing for a move to the cloud, you’ve probably realized that most Office 365 deployments feature synchronization between an on-premises Active Directory environment with Azure Active Directory, particularly if moving from a traditional Microsoft platform. A hybrid Active Directory environment is extremely common and synchronization is seamless with Microsoft’s Azure AD Connect. But as is often the case in life and at work, there’s a catch.

 Azure AD will essentially be a copy of your current Active Directory user account database that enables single-sign on for Office 365 resources. But, if your current AD environment is messy, issues and vulnerabilities will persist in Office 365.

This winter, spend some time optimizing AD for a hybrid Active Directory environment. Consider three steps to make your big 2017 migration project run more smoothly:

  1. Normalize AD: Reduce forests, domains and security boundaries
  2. Clean AD Structure: Focus on delegation, which will enable you to audit changes in your hybrid AD environment
  3. Consolidate AD: Best case scenario, all AD objects can be arranged under a single OU or a nested OU structure

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Have you read my previous post on Office 365 migrations and the importance of assessments, here? As might have been discovered during a pre-migration assessment, the process of optimizing Active Directory can uncover all sorts of Active Directory horror stories. We’ve seen it all – accounts for users who have left companies years previously, horribly weak passwords, an over-reliance on default settings and more. Again similar to assessments, while it will take time to organize on-premises AD, the benefit of clean synchronization to Azure AD and a more secure hybrid Active Directory environment post migration will be worth it.

For more tips on optimizing Active Directory for a cloud migration, download our new eBook, “Surviving Migration to Office 365,” today.

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