6.2 Mail Restore Error

So this new feature in 6.2 sounds great, the local mount utility is a bit clunky. However on testing the feature, we get an API UN/PW error. Im told this is because the Core doesn't have Outlook installed..

So Outlook being a licences product, and i wouldn't have thought many who used RR install anything else on their core backup appliance, make this feature pretty worthless?

Its a shame, we cant even open the GUI on a server with outlook on.. seems like a half baked feature and needs to function without having to buy/install Outlook onto a backup appliance.


That's my view, which of course may be wrong, but as a MSP, we cant sell outlook to everyone who buys and try to keep costs down where possible.

  • Hi Stephen:
    Outlook is needed for the MAPI wrapper client code. In my experience, Outlook installed on the server does not need to be licensed as long as a profile is present. However, the best approach for most restores is to use the Local Mount Utility on a machine that has a legitimate copy of Outlook installed already. I would suggest to make use of the Recovery Manager for Exchange ( support.quest.com/.../6080908 ) for more difficult restores, as it has a lot of options and, at the same time, it requires a steeper learning curve.