Upgrading to 6.2 and would like to go agentless on existing VMs running 6.0.2 and 5.4.3

Hello Quest / Rapid Recovery community!

I'm preparing for an upgrade of existing COREs from to 6.2.0.  My windows-based protected machines are a mixed bag of 6.0.2 and 5.4.3.  The main reason for the upgrade is to take advantage of the archiving to S3 functionality for business-critical systems.  Instead of continuing on with an agent-protected environment I'd like to transition to agentless on my ESXi hosts.  I've gone through the applicable sections of the user guide and am curious of the behavior once a CORE is upgraded, with the understanding that the agent versions probably aren't compatible with a 6.2 CORE.

  • To the point; what are the best practices to achieve agentless protection via a 6.2 CORE with protected machines running older agent versions?
  • What happens with the existing recovery points?
  • Will the soon-to-be outdated agents need to be uninstalled ahead of time, resulting in down time, or, can those tasks be done afterwards?
  • Any tips on what to avoid or be aware of that could be easily missed even after pouring through the documentation?       

Any guidance and insight will be most helpful.  


- Justin