Agentless Windows box randomly taking a base

I have a Windows machine that we are testing agentless backups on. The machine isn't doing anything to increase or change the disk size. It has taken a base 2 nights in a row. It took a large incremental the night before, then a base the night before that. Other nights it took an incremental of about 500MB which makes the most sense. 

The Events tab is not indicating any errors or any reason why the machine needed a base. I have called support about this issue in the past with no results. What can I do to figure this ouit?


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  • If the issue is not the bug below. The logs will often tell you why (support should always be able to help you find this) But you often have to check both the Core and Agent logs depending on who requests the base. Below are some example messages that show why a base was called

    Replay.Core.Implementation.Transfer.VolumeTransferJob (DetermineDataToSendTask AgentDisplayName=ms16 VolumeName=/)
    Unexpected exception getting changed blocks for volume; a base image will be forced

    Replay.Core.Implementation.Transfer.VolumeTransferJob (DetermineDataToSendTask AgentDisplayName=omcolydrs-01 VolumeName=D:\
    Volume is dirty or not enabled, so a base image will be performed

    Unable to locate previous volume image ef761307-c263-11e8-80dc-005056bb2572:2447 or previous volume image is orphaned; a base image will be forced

    It would be great if there was a uniform message from RR that stated the reason for the base but to my knowledge that is not possible. So you kinda have to dig around both the agent and core logs searching a little

    If you cant find any message in the logs, see if any of these are happening on the server

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