Rapid Recovery repository and storage size

I'm taking over a Rapid Recovery 6.3 environment.

The repository is running off of direct connected storage to the local backup server.

The storage arrays have SAS 7.2K drives.

My question, expanding or creating a new repository, is it better to create smaller storage locations with the data and metadata directories (by smaller I mean like 500GB or 1TB sizes) or would we be better with 1 large data file (like 20TB)?

I know for normal SMB transfers larger databases typically perform better than a bunch of small files, but I wanted to see what the recommendations are for Rapid Recovery.

I guess it also depends a lot on your storage, but  I'm just looking for suggestions/pros/cons.

Thanks in advance.

  • We have a few resources for sizing your deployment. Here is a KB/training video on it - https://support.quest.com/kb/185962/sizing-rapid-recovery-deployments.

    You can download our much more in depth Sizing Guide version 4.0 here - support.quest.com/.../technical-documents

    The simplest answer I can give you is that the repository is essentially one really large file for storing data and then a few smaller files for storing metadata. We don't recommend using CIFS for a repository over 6 TB since CIFS wasn't designed to handle individual files that are over 2 TB in size and the repository data file will be about 90% of the total size you specify for the total repository size. So if you create a 20 TB repository, you'll have an 18 TB data file and 2 TB of metadata files. We highly recommend using direct attached storage or ISCSI attached network storage (it could be fiber too, you just want to make sure you are using a storage protocol like ISCSI to connect the storage to the machine running Rapid Recovery). This will ensure the stability of your storage is much better than with CIFS and your performance will also be better.

    When expanding a repository, I highly recommend creating one large extension. Don't mess around with a lot of smaller extensions, there is no performance benefit to that. Also I highly recommend to limit yourself to only one repository per disk array. If you have one RAID 6 array, create one repository on it to use all the space. All this is detailed in the sizing guides so I highly recommend reading through those.

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