Malware that delete files

Hello to all,
for my thesis work I'm studying the various types of malware to understand their power. In particular I am studying Ransomware. My thesis consists in using file recovery tools and making statistics on how many files can be recovered.
In addition to Ransomware I would like to test other malware that deletes files.
However, I do not know the various types.
Can you help me?

  • That sounds interesting, and very ambitious.

    Rapid Recovery is NOT an Anti Virus or Anti Ransomware product.

    However, Rapid Recovery could serve you to provide the "before and after" information, but you would have to provide your own search and comparison tools. That is, Rapid Recovery can mount recovery points before and after for you to investigate, through your own means, what deletions or modifications can be identified.

    As for information on "types" of ransomware, some of the major anti-virus focused companies have their own FAQs at different levels. There's even wikipedia pages dedicated to this. You'll find definitions and classifications, and they'll vary between themselves, but I'm afraid you will need to "curate" the information.