How Advantage Waypoint Merged Nine Company Networks in 30 Days

If you’ve been reading my last few blogs, you’ve seen the value of having centralized management for all your connected devices. With the number and variety of endpoints accessing your network skyrocketing, and attackers becoming ever more creative and sophisticated, you need end-to-end insight and control. A toolbox full of point solutions won’t cut it; you need a single pane of glass that shows you everything that’s accessing your systems and enables you to keep all those endpoints up to date and secure.

Lovely as my prose is, though, you may have had enough of it. Maybe you’re ready to hear what an integrated endpoint, mobility and security management solution has done for a real-world organization like yours. If so, you’re in luck.  Harry Folloder, CIO of Advantage Waypoint, has graciously agreed to tell how such a solution helped him from the very start of the company. Here’s what he had to say:

How Advantage Waypoint Merged Nine Company Networks in 30 days

“Our parent company, Advantage Sales and Marketing, merged nine companies overnight to form the first national sales and marketing company for the away-from-home food business,” explains Folloder. “I had to bring together nine disparate companies very quickly and build a data center from the ground up.

“The first problem was that we had no visibility. We had no idea where employees were, which endpoint devices they used or what was running on the devices. Our other big problem was that each company had its own set of processes, but we couldn’t idle hundreds of employees while we pulled our networks together. Solving those problems in the middle of a nine-way merger meant that we needed day-zero management of all endpoints across all companies.

“By partnering with Dell and taking advantage of their integrated solutions, we were able to stand up our new data center in just 30 days. First, Dell KACE appliances gave me a view of all the new systems I had to inventory through the merger when the only connection I had to them was over the internet. And as we continue to acquire and integrate companies, they give me a single point of insight and control for asset inventory and management, including deploying applications and patches, tracking changes to critical data, and even identifying the users with the most trouble tickets so we could provide them with additional training.

“Second, Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP|E) encrypts and protects both client data and our own intellectual property as it moves around the network — and it’s nearly transparent to users. The KACE appliances verify that DDP|E is installed and active on target systems. This tight integration is invaluable. If a laptop is stolen, for example, we’d know that the data on the machine was protected, so we wouldn’t have to pay millions of dollars providing identity theft protection to clients or employees, as other companies have been forced to do.

“Completing the solution is Dell AppAssure. AppAssure offers both business continuity and disaster recovery in a simple, non-invasive way. It lets us restore everything from a single document to an entire machine. My ops team likes AppAssure because it’s up 100 percent of the time and they know they can easily recover from anything to keep the business going.

“Whenever a new technology need arises, I always turn to Dell first and ask, ‘What solutions do you have for this?’ They take the time to understand what we do, how we generate revenue, who our clients are and how we make them happy to ensure that their product is a good fit. The Dell solutions we’ve deployed have helped us create a stable, reliable, innovative foundation for making our clients raving fans.”

See What Integrated Endpoint, Mobility and Security Management Can Do for You

I bet your organization shares at least some of the challenges that Advantage Waypoint faced. If an integrated endpoint, mobility and security management can help a company being born out of a nine-way merger, think what it could do for you. It won’t make you breakfast, but it just might save your bacon.

To learn more about how you can empower your IT team to efficiently manage and secure a wide range of corporate and user-owned devices, be sure to read our new e-book, “Technology Tunnel Vision, Part 2: Centralized management for all connected devices.”


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About Harry Folloder | CIO at Advantage Waypoint

Folloder led the technical team that successfully integrated nine regional foodservices brokers to create Advantage Waypoint. He is also president of Folloder Foodservice, Inc., and former partner and founder of Net Guyz, LLC.