Rapid Recovery agent deployment is failing with error "Failed to get metadata from '' "


      I have installed Rapid Recovery 6.1 trial version on "Windows Server 2016 (Datacenter edition)" operating system and trying to protect two test machines via RR 6.1 agent software.

Triggered agent deployment remotely via protect machine wizard and RR agent also deployed successfully on two test machines but still those machines are not visible on dashboard for further operations. I am getting below exception for both the machines:

The Request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel
Call to servuce method PUT failed.
Failed to get metadata from ''.

I tried agent service restart on both machine, verified firewall status (make it to OFF as per other AA/RR core setups) and also run protect machine wizard again but still getting above exception.

I am not sure whether this issue is coming due to Windows Server 2016 OS or any other reason. I have one more RR 6.1 setup installed on Windows server 2012 R2 and it's working fine without any issues.

Can someone give any pointers to resolve this error?


Thanks and Regards,



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