Support for RHEL 8, CentOS 8 or Rocky Linux 8? Including Rocky Linux 9

Released in May of 2019, when is support for these 2 OS's happening?

CentOS 7 & RHEL 7 become unsupported in 4.5 years and that's the latest you support. Makes things very difficult when we build new machines that are expected to go 5 years out.

For those that have tried. The RHEL 7 agent installs on 8 but can't be loaded into the new 4.18+ kernels.

  • Just to keep this updated for people. Rapid Recovery now supports RHEL 8 & Rocky Linux 8. I have confirmed it's working on at least 3 of ours right now.

    However as mentioned below that this was going to support RHEL/Rocky 9, the latest Rapid Recovery system requirements do not confirm this. I haven't checked to see if this works.

  • I have confirmed RHEL/Rocky 9 does NOT work on the latest 6.7. The docs don't say it does either.

    Rocky 8 with dkms 3.0.11, nbd 6.7 on kernel 4.18.0-477.10.1 works. Both the backup and restore. Compiling is less than desired. You get deprecated messages and vss won't compile.

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