Failback Without Second Core

My team is trying to test failover of production systems for a customer. They have five Windows server VMs on an ESXi host that each have a virtual standby on another ESXi host, but only one Core. There is a SQL server and an Exchange server involved. My question is, after we complete failover and testing, what would be the best way to failback those VMs? What we have in mind so far is exporting the VMDK of the virtual standby and recovering the production VMs. The issue is that any time in between is going to result in data loss. If anyone knows a better way to minimize downtime, it would be greatly appreciated. They want to test during working hours and we are still working out how much data loss is acceptable to them.


  • The 'best' way would be to do the same thing in reverse. Once you failover to the standby VMs, start backing those up and create virtual standby VMs on the original host, and then you 'failback' when you're done. Use the original core, or temporarily spin up a 2nd on a VM to get the job done. 

    Otherwise you always have the options of like you said manually copying/uploading .vmdks and such which always takes time and outages. Or you can get a trial of vCenter for 30 days and storage vMotion it over too. 

    I'd recommended you use RR and just do it in reverse personally. Use the solution you already use and have, just in reverse.