recovery manager for active directory- gpo sysvol

i1) want to know the  procedure how to do authoritative  restore of GPO SYSVOL  and GPO  in ACTIVE DIRECTORY 

I see this  below link but it states how to do  auth restore of sysvol , i need to know how to do auth restore of GPO sysvol and GPO in active directory through RMAD

Link :*TOPIC-1659569__;Iw!!OiWDNh-9Pw!8esFHEdaMqk4SXqgO53eJJ25ojXOqqMmCuuAhTaZ3o5HBimvYWO_NdHU87D4IcxaFt9j1UYzBO1RtwQ4XK9-QSg$

2)also how can i validate the DSRM password in forest console is correct for all DC , i have 400 DC's , some are from year 2016 some are recently getting added

how from rmad console i can  verify the domain password is correct.

  • Hi Pramod -

    As for your 2nd question: you can also use the Forest Recovery Console to reset the DSRM password on all DCs. 

    If you've already entered DSRM passwords for all your DCs in settings, then you can go to Tools / Manage / Forest Recovery Agents or DCs... 

    Wait for the pop-up dialog to retrieve the status of each DC.

    Be sure agents are deployed on all DCs.  If not, select all DCs and click "Install Agent"

    Select all your DCs, then click on the "More Arrow down small" button on the toolbar, and select "Reset DSRM Password..." 

    Fill out the following dialog and click "Apply": 

    Note that your DSRM password(s) must meet password complexity requirements for your domain. 

  • Any further explanation on restoration of gpo in sysvol and gpo in active directory through RMAD

    would really appreciate

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